A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The power goes out. Profound(?) philosophy ensues.


  • Very, very short
  • No choices
  • No art
  • One music track
  • This is more of a test thing than anything else, honestly, but it'd still be cool if you played it


TheDark-1.0-pc.zip 35 MB
TheDark-1.0-mac.zip 20 MB
TheDark-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 25 MB


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Awww this was really nice. I played it before bed and it was such a fuzzy thing to fall asleep thinking about!!!! It's simple and well done. just shows that you don't need anything crazy fancy to make a great game. I'll have to replay this when I feel scared of the dark.

Also, thank you for your top tier review on my game. <3

THANK YOU..... this is seriously so nice I always cringe a bit looking back at this because it's old and my writing has improved, but I had originally planned to implement translations! I have a Spanish and a French translation actually ready but I haven't gotten around to putting them in yet. This comment makes me want to commit to that ^_^

Aw wow!! Yeah you so should!! I understand the feeling, I look back at games I made days ago and cringe. XD 

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Hey, if you want a translation for Portuguese Brazilian I would be glad to help

Oh hey!! This would be totally awesome if you could! What's the best way to contact you for more details about this?

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I thought it was super sweet, the two people talking to each other in a power out. I think moving the text boxes to the middle is easier on the eyes for reading, and you could expand the story by making it to read like a short story with actions and inner thoughts. Also, I feel you could give us insight if you chose a main character and show us their inner thoughts. Otherwise, it's sweet and I hope you keep writing.

Thank you for the comment! ^_^ Moving the text box to the middle is a great idea, but I'm not sure how to program it. I might come back to this game and do that if I ever get any better at programming. I didn't use a main character because I didn't feel like either Dylan or Sam should be "more important," so I tried to make them equally important by dividing the dialogue between the two of them. I left out any sort of narration for a similar reason; usually, I would include actions and inner thoughts, but for this particular story I didn't think that they would fit since I wouldn't have used them much anyway. I will definitely be including such things in my future projects, though. c: Thank you again! It means a lot that you took the time to play my game.

An easy way to have text use the whole screen is to use the NVL Mode, as explained here: https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/nvl_mode.html